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Outsource Billing (EBPP)

Outsource Billing / EBPP

Reign Billing Strategies - Print2Mail & Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment

Today, many successful companies are looking for ways to eliminate those activities that do not allow them to focus on their core competencies. Technology and requirements are changing so rapidly that finding the right in-house solution set for document printing can almost seem like a moving target. Additionally, database security and disaster recovery services are a growing concern for C-Level teams. For this reason, many prudent companies have looked to Reign Print Solutions to manage, print and distribute their most important Critical Document communications. Understanding internal & external print management needs have been paramount to helping our customer’s “distribute” information over the years. Be it a business document or marketing communication, Reign has the most comprehensive Critical Document Distribution solutions available!

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Reign’s services provide for the integration of paper-based and digital solutions and are comprised of these two key areas:

OUTSOURCE BILLING/TRANSACTIONAL MAIL – bills, invoices, statements, checks, collection letters, membership cards. We can also manage and archive your data files!

Reign’s unique billing programs have saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in efficiency/postal savings…and improved the ever critical cash flow. We offer complete business reviews, no up-front design/programming for daily invoice & statement programs, marketing communications, electronic document archives…among many other services.

Strategies and programs to help B2B customers plan and transition to the digital world of billing, archiving and payment. It is the wave of the future and meets the newest SOX/auditing demands, as well as control/cut costs and improve upon cash flow (days sales outstanding).

Do you realize that each document you send out is a potential marketing opportunity affecting the perception of your company? Talk to us above the most current TRANSPROMO (adding marketing messages onto your invoices and statements to help up-sell your customers).
Reign’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools can be built into every document for maximum value!

By OUTSOURCING a process not directly involved with your primary business, you could:

> Eliminate capital expenditures for unnecessary equipment and hard costs.
> Reduce personnel costs and/or redirect key personnel to higher priority tasks.
> Concentrate efforts in areas that directly affect your organization’s future.

Reign’s OUTSOURCE Solution will offer your organization these key BENEFITS:

* Prepare custom programming at little or no charge.
* The ability to receive your variable data in ANY format.
* Send your message (paper or electronic) using your custom program and variable data.
* Apply reduced postage and barcode/presort your mail for postage discounts.
* Insert, seal and mail your materials (and provide selective bar coded inserting to any piece).
* Deliver your completed mail within a guaranteed timeframe.
* An electronic image can be provided — allowing you to immediately search, retrieve and print the exact image mailed out…for just pennies!
* A no cost audit report for continuous review of the program progress will be provided.

In all, we will prepare your data, send your communication & archive your files – all while saving you valuable time & money.

Reign Print Solutions’ proven programs are focused on improving your business practices, enhancing your customer contact management and increasing your bottom line! Call us today @ 800.853.3552 to learn about the most recent advancements in the area of Bill Outsourcing.

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