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Warehouse of the Future - Part 2

The Warehouse of the Future (Part 2): The Intelligent Warehouse

The proper WMS & WCS systems can set the stage for the ideal order process...but you cannot truly achieve the "perfect order" without an intelligent pick labeling system. Look to Reign to help automate your conveyed induction & pack zones -- to minimize your order cycle time and maximize your pick output.

Sure, technology brings us instant gratification. But it has also made us a species of consumers completely devoid of patience. From an e-commerce order fulfillment perspective, can we pick it and deliver it faster? The answer is YES. Do we have a choice?

But humans can only do so much. The new emerging technologies can completely alter the equation. But, as pointed out...the proper use of these enabling technologies can help give you that needed competitive advantage.

Reign is driven to help our clients navigate this challenging climate and create the needed value.

Let's talk about how Reign can help you evaluate/improve your business operations, better engage and provoke your customers and ultimately increase your revenues.

Here are a few videos that may help give you a better visualization of what we mean by "Intelligent Warehouse"...

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