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Transform Your Billing Process - Part 1

Transform Your Billing Process

"Rising energy costs, the weakened dollar, squeezed margins, tighter budgets, lesser skilled workforce..." no matter where you turn today, one cannot escape the macro-economic pressures we all face in this historic downturn.

You need to stay lean, focused and competitive in today's challenged economy. With all you have on your plate, finding new ways to cut costs and improve your cash position can be daunting tasks.

In response to these macro-economic pressures, leading companies are reaching out to Reign Print Solutions to outsource the manual and paper-dependent billing process. Today's decision to outsource the billing function is driven by an intense need to reduce operating costs, improve accuracy, respond to financial compliance issues, improve customer relations, and essentially, gain control over a back-office function that has historically been plagued by under-investment in staff and technologies.

Why Outsource Your Billing Process?
CFO Magazine recently offered the following statement, "Anything you can do to improve upon the receivables process...will immediately improve your ability to raise cash & capital". Additionally, CFO asked "what would just 1 day improvement in your DSO mean to your company"?

The Outsourcing Institute surveyed Fortune 1000 companies and revealed that the top 5 reasons these companies outsource were, (1) to reduce and control operating costs, (2) to improve company focus, (3) to obtain world-class applications, (4) to free up internal resources, and (5) to access resources & intelligence not available internally.

If your current billing process is not giving you a competitive advantage, why not evaluate outsourcing this tedious yet critical function to an industry leading expert? Let us show you how to transform your billing process into an area of company strength.

Where Do We Get Started?
* Free Business Audit - we evaluate the current process vs. your strategic goals. Define if and where our program can provide immediate value/impact.
* Scope project & build business case with ROI. Our programs are 100% customizable to your needs.
* Build project plan with key deliverables that meet everyone's expectations.

What Benefits Should You Expect?
* Reduce processing and postal costs by up to 50%
* Cut internal costs by elimination of rising fixed costs...moving to a shrinking variable cost
* Gain Accountability...MEASURABLE results via weekly audit reports
* SOX compliance & tax reporting = more financial control
* Best-In-Class Standards achieved
* Obtain leading-edge technologies & Best Practices...and without capital investment
* Focus on core competencies...let us help improve your cash management
* Lack of IT resources, no worries...just send us your data & we'll do the rest!
* Expedite the receivables cycle, reduce your DSO by 1-15+ days...and IMPROVE YOUR CASH FLOW
* On-Line Document Archive = Customer Self Management & expedited billing process
* EBPP (Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment) - We can help move you into a paperless environment, which = greater savings & accelerated funds availabilty, virtual access, enhanced internal functions & happier customers. Our eBill & ePay solutions can get you there quickly!
* Enhanced customer relationships (CRM)

About Bill Jourdan:
For over 25 years Bill has been assisting clients in developing successful critical document and print marketing programs that meet strategic business goals.

Call Bill Jourdan today @ 800.853.3552 (x212) for a free business audit.

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