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"Marketers continue to spend billions of dollars producing, warehousing and shipping printed materials for all channels of marketing contact & engagement. The way in which this important portion of marketing operations is managed can materially impact the go-to-market effectiveness, and optimizing this category can create REAL business value and a competitive advantage".

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Part 3 of the "Transform Your Billing Process" series - this article provides the vision and strategy behind Reign's unique customer billing programs. Take a look...

As global ad executives gather next week for the annual NY conference, the recent lack of transparency & trustworthy measurements of online advertising will be the key topic of discussion. "We've reached the 'tipping point' for the future of digital ads", as one industry executive put it. From 9/24/16 Wall Street Journal article. Read more…

Refresh, protect & simplify your warehouse racking. Apply CleanBeam over existing labeling or wrecked racks - don't scrape or repaint, save time & money with CleanBeam.

Depending upon who you believe, acquiring a new customer can be 5 - 25x more expensive than retaining an existing one. How well is your company managing current customer relationships? Are you taking FULL advantage of all key customer "touchpoints"? Read more...

the conversation continues with "The Intelligent Warehouse"...

MLB pitchers & catchers reported February19-20...which signals the start of the new baseball season. This time of year is always an exciting time for us @ Reign. Aside from being big fans, it also inspires us to seize this time to check our progress.

Here are a few lessons from the pros (Inc. Magazine) on how to create your own spring training program and make it a real game-changer for your business.

It's not about replacing people with's about putting the right people at the right tasks. It's about minimizing the steps involved, shortening the time to ship, and minimizing the costs it takes to get there. The conversation starts here.

As the holiday season quickly approaches, the nation's retailers sit on the edge of their seats with great anxiety...CLICK ABOVE LINK FOR MORE

If you see a veteran today...thank them, hug them or buy them a cup of coffee. Their unselfish commitment to God and country should never go unnoticed.

This a very well done YouTube video (click above link to view) captures the importance of Veteran's Day; not only for those who serve (or served), but for those at home whom they loved and protected.

Streamline Your Billing Process ... Cut Costs, Improve Efficiencies & Increase the Bottom Line!

The U.S. Postal Service is aggressively slashing prices to attract big e-commerce companies in time for the holidays, aiming to steal business from both FedEx and United Parcel Service Inc.

The questions are: (1) will companies looking to avoid the new Dimensional Price increases - make the switch, and (2) will this USPS effort be enough to save the fledgling organization?

As marketers scramble to understand how to best reach the 30-Somethings & younger, there are a few key thoughts to keep in mind.

Consumer expectations and demands are ever-increasing. Is your company ready?

Big changes are a comin' for ecommerce and volume carton shippers! As of Dec 2014, UPS will start pricing ALL packages according to size, instead of weight. So, shippers will now be strongly "encouraged" to minimize the extra space in their shipments. This will certainly be a big challenge for many, so stay tuned!

The Changing Role of Customer Billing
Make it more customer-centric and strengthen your cash flow in the process!

Reign's Fusion Marketing puts a marketing hat on your business processes. With Fusion Marketing, Reign helps top companies to create the proper alignment for cross-departmental that the overall corporate branding and customer communication goals are properly unified.

Reign understands that EVERY communication you send is an opportunity to connect with your customer in a relevant and meaningful way.

Fusion Marketing is where ideas & execution unite!

This wonderful graphic says it all...with this added caveat'...with a relevant & targeted campaign, direct mail ALWAYS trumps email!

We’re in the midst of a profound structural shift from physical to digital retail...

Omni-channel retailing is upending the way consumers shop and interact with their favorite brands. In response, retailers must redesign their supply chains to meet growing customer expectations in a new retail world without limits.

Here are a few tips (and additional article links) to help you attain those challenging goals for the New Year...good luck!

Here is a great HBR article that highlights how today’s top marketers are combining technology and teamwork to generate extraordinary results in reaching customers.

How does this compare to your efforts and success?

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